Create a Word Cloud from Facebook Messenger Conversations

March 01, 2022

This guide will show you how to make a word cloud from your conversations on Facebook messenger. Unfortunately, Facebook makes you jump through a few hoops to access your data and they’ll make you wait up to day. However, it’s not too complicated and once you're done with, you can have a personalized gift that looks like this:

Completed Image

Getting your Messenger Data

Navigate to and click download information

Download Information Link

Make sure to select JSON as the format. You should also select low media quality to save disk space and speed up the time to download your data as we won't be using the images for generating word clouds.

Select JSON Format

Click deselect all and select only Messenger Data

Select Messeges

Scroll to the bottom of the page and start your download

Start Download

It may take several hours or even days for your download to be ready. Once your download is complete you will receive an email notification and can return to create your word cloud.

Pick Your Dataset

After you’ve received notice that your download has completed. Go back to, navigate to Available Files, and download the appropriate archive

Locate the downloaded .zip file and extract it

Inside this archive, there's Inbox folder

Inbox Folder

Inside that folder, there should be a folder with the chat name. For example SteveRogers_1776, or in case of a named chat,you'll find the chat name e.g. Avengers_1963

Inside the desired chat folder you should find file(s) ending with .json. These are the files you should upload.

Inbox Files

Import Dataset

Now that you have your data, navigate to the word cloud cration page and import your words. Click on the Import tab.

Import Tab

Select Messenger from the drop down and drop your json files into the import box.

Privacy Notice

Wordcloudgifts will not share your Facebook Messenger data with anyone. Your messages are securely parsed into words and are not saved anywhere to protect your privacy. You can find the full privacy policy here here

Get Help

If you're having trouble, please reach out at

You can find Facebook's tutorial on downloading yoru data Here